Meat-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-Free, Oh My!

As many of you know, my health has been a bit troubled the past few years due to severe inflammation in my joints.  I have spent countless hours going to doctor appointments, surgery, physical therapy and having a battery of tests done.  All of this resulted in a 'best guess' diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, with my rheumatologist saying that medication was the only way to ease my aching joints and all of the unpleasant side effect that came along with it. (I won't bore you with the details.)

Master Bathroom

Okay, so the bathroom hit a bit of a snag with finishing up, which is to be expected with any renovation of this size, I suppose.  There is an issue with the tub faucet (it leaks out of one of the posts where the manufacturer attached it to the top part of the faucet - ugh..) and the store was closed this weekend so we couldn't swap out our shower doors for the smaller ones that we need. 

We did, however, get the tub, toilet and baseboard installed, along with a few smaller details for the shower.  Baby steps, baby steps.  Here's a little sneak peek. 

I promise to use an actual camera for shooting the reveal photos, the iphone just isn't cutting it these days...

Here's hoping the universe is on our side for finishing this bathroom renovation before Chris' parents arrive next week!