Our American Wedding

As our American wedding day approaches, I am reminded that Chris and I live a bit of a crazy life. For those of you just joining our story, we were married last Fall in a small B&B tucked into the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where it was just the two of us.  We exchanged sweet and powerful vows, spent the night in a lovely suite (complete with a fireplace and clawfoot bathtub - I love those!), and woke up the next morning saying "you're my husband (/wife)... how weird!"

Several months later, we celebrated our marriage with Chris' family back in England, and had a wonderful time!  It was so great being able to officially celebrate it with loved ones.  Now our American wedding is fast approaching, and I am beyond excited to celebrate with my family and our American friends.

{cutting the (cup)cake at our English wedding reception.}

Where was I going with all of this? Oh yeah, my realization that Chris and I live an on-the-go lifestyle, visiting family in the Pacific Northwest and all the way across the pond in England, along with whatever "choose-our-own-adventures" that we feel inspired to do.  The funny thing is, having scaled back recently, out of necessity, I am realizing just how much I miss that craziness!  I love going on adventures, turning even the boring parts of traveling (e.g. loooonnnggg plane rides) into something silly and fun.

Having recently been introduced to an incredible blog by my lovely cousin (she blogs, too, and knows way more than I do about all of this stuff!), I am once again inspired to give this blog thing a shot.  I always find myself so much more observant and aware of the little things around me when I know I will be writing about it.

So buckle up, I hope to give you all a little escape, and an occasional laugh, all while getting a bit of a glimpse into the crazy but totally normal life we lead.