Anniversary, Round Two

For our two year anniversary, I decided to get Chris a little something special, in addition to a really cool surprise (more on that later).  Because we share a love of travel, I found this super cool map that allows you to scratch off the countries you have visited together. There aren't many yet, but I don't plan on ending our travels anytime soon, so hopefully we can continue to add to it over the years.  

In the meantime, it makes for lovely wall decor and serves as a little reminder whenever we need travel inspiration (that never happens, by the way.  we can always find inspiration, it's money that isn't always cooperative!).

{ a similar style to the one I got for Chris. }

Language Barrier Monday

Wow, it's been a hot minute but we are bringing back an oldie, but goodie with this post.  The Language Barrier Monday series.  It hasn't been on my mind much lately, as we haven't had to translate anything for each other in a while.  

However, it came as a little reminder when Chris returned from his trip to England last week.  Upon which, I informed him that the house had remained strangely tidy in his two week absence.  (hm... weird.)  Well, he didn't think so, because his response...?  "Bloody Cheek!"  Haha.  No translation necessary.  Pretty sure I get the gist of what he was saying there.  Just thought it a funny expression, so I wanted to share with all of you.

For all stateside readers, I challenge you to use this on someone this week.  What response did you get?! Haha.  

Pop of Color!

Every time Chris and I start a painting project, throwing around color ideas, he always asks 'what about yellow?'  And I have to admit, that I usually cringe a bit on the inside.  Not because it's a bad color, it's just not one that I think I can incorporate into a space and design around all that well (sort of a home decor "it's not you, it's me" if you will...).  But the final color choice is always up to Chris.  I go through this process of research, testing colors, and narrowing it down, and then he chooses the color we go with.  Seems fair, right?  Right.

Well, I have been wanting to find a way to incorporate yellow somehow, without it looking like spongebob exploded in our house (he's yellow, right?), and I am happy to report that I finally found a great solution!

While choosing the paint colors for the outside of our house, we really wanted a bright, fun color for the front door.  But none of them seemed to match very well with the red brick that we have covering majority of the front entrance.  In the end, we decided on black and absolutely love it, but the desire for a fresh, fun pop of color has not left us.  

So while Chris was in England last week, I decided to do a little surprise for him.  Check it out... I literally smile every time I walk towards the door.  There is something about yellow that just makes you happy, am I right?

It looks slightly brighter in the photo (I'll blame it on bad lighting.  No way is it my poor photography skills...)

And just for good measure, I threw a little on the back door, too!  Swoon...

I love it, and it is definitely growing on Chris!  My job here is done. #canwestoptalkingaboutyellownow? ;) #thankyouverymuch

Laundry Room Reveal - Pt. 1

I  mentioned last week that I would be spending a lot of my time making over the laundry room, and I did not lie.  I spent my Labor Day weekend doing some pretty serious DIY labor!  And look at the difference so far!  Alright, I recognize that a lot of the change was just organizing and cleaning up the room, but you have to admit it looks a million times better, right?  The paint color is brighter in person than it appears in the after photo, so in my final reveal I will take photos in daylight for a more accurate view of the color I chose.  

Who knew that a little color on the walls, brightening up the trim, adding a bench, rug and some storage could make such a difference?!  Oh, and although you can't even see the hooks in the before photos, those hooks were silver before.  Nothing a little spray paint couldn't handle!  I love the contrast of the black on white.

Oh, and that yellow basket hanging among all the black ones?  Target was out of black, so I plan to spray paint it to match the rest! In the meantime, I think it adds to the character!  I love that the room now has a bit of personality.  I don't know about you, but colorful walls makes me happy!

Once Chris gets home and is able to help me with some heavy lifting on the other side of the room, I will post the after photos of the other half.  The bright white cabinets are already making such a difference, I can't wait to see what how the rest turns out!

And in case I haven't mentioned it before, I much prefer projects I can finish in a day (or a weekend, at most!).  After that I just get bored and want to move onto another project!  Doing a small space like the laundry room was juuuuuust the right amount.

Stay tuned for the rest of the reveal next week!  What do you think so far?

Grateful For Good Neighbors, Take: 372 (okay, four!)

Okay, so I know I have said this many times before, but I really could not be more grateful for our neighbors.  We really lucked out in that department.  So what amazing thing did they do this time?!  Well, allow me to tell you the whole story.  

Chris has been in England for the past week, catching up with friends and family, and although it is strange to have the whole house to myself, I have managed to keep myself pretty busy.  Of course, his absence couldn't be punctuated more perfectly than with a sad, sob story (like that one time he was in Philadelphia...).  '

Monday morning, I dragged my sore, DIY-addicted body out of bed, got ready for the day and headed to Whole Foods in search of all things tropical for my fruit salsa I was bringing to a BBQ later that day.  When I returned home, I was getting the groceries out of the car when neighbor, Maureen, came out of her house. "Did you know that one of your sprinklers is broken in the back yard?"  she asked.  "Ummmm, no.  No, I did not."  She went on to explain that when she went to take the dog out at 5:30 that morning, she noticed a big 'fountain' coming from our back yard!  Goodness gracious.  Chris is gone, and yet again, I always pretend to fall asleep when he tries to explain how these things (ahem, sprinklers!) work.  

So, of course I picture something like this...

I am, however, very resourceful so I did what any sensible woman in my situation would do: I texted Chris in England.  Before I could even get a response from him, the doorbell rang.  Maureen!  She said that her and her husband were on their way to Lowes and would pick up whatever part I needed to fix the sprinkler and then they would fix it for me when they got back!  What?!  "Nevermind, hubby, I have help!"  After me insisting several times that I was happy to go get the parts myself, they really didn't need to do everything, I gave in. I think secretly they figured they would be better off getting the parts themselves, lest I come back with some unknown sprinkler parts that had nothing to do with the problem.

I decided to use my time wisely, I whipped up my pineapple, mango & papaya salsa at record speed, then decided I better tidy the rest of the kitchen and family room, should they accept my neighborly offer to come inside for some lemonade after they saved the day.  I didn't actually have any lemonade, but nevermind.  It sounded like a good idea in my head.  

After several rounds of trying the sprinklers (of which I had to FaceTime Chris for him to show me how to turn on that section of sprinklers!), we had successfully fixed the problem.  At least for the time being.  Chris will have a bit of work to do when he returns, but at least the fountain situation has been resolved in the meantime!  

One of many signs that I have allowed myself to be 'taken care of' since finding my hubby.  I would have taken charge and figured things out by myself in the past, but it's often easier to let someone else handle some things, or as I like to refer to it: divide and conquer!  Unfortunately the headlight and indicator bulbs on my car all burned out this week as well.  I hear you, Universe.  Figure. It. Out, Sarah.  Or just drive the other car until Chris returns. (Ha!)

I still think it's okay to loosen up the control strings a bit and not do everything yourself, but I will definitely be paying closer attention the next time Chris wants to explain some seemingly boring home-related system to me.  

Oh, and the best part?  I asked my neighbor how much I owed them for the parts.  "A glass of wine one evening!"  Done!