Tiling Adventures, part two

Well, we are making progress... slowly but surely.  And by 'we,' I definitely mean Chris.  He has been working hard on this bathroom remodel and it is looking so good!  It's fun to see all of the finishes put into place, which is also a huge relief to see that everything coordinates well together!  My design skills aren't failing me on this big remodel, thank goodness!

Tiling Adventures, part one

Well, we finally jumped into the tiling phase in our bathroom, and were pleasantly surprised with how it is turning out!  It definitely takes longer than we expected to complete a small space, but having the shower done (not pictured!) feels like a huge accomplishment!  It is really nice to see the finishes being installed... makes it feel a bit more real!

Here's the wall that I did...

New Season, Fresh Look

Makes sense, right? I don't know about you, but anytime I am feeling restless and unfulfilled in some way, changing things up visually tends to give me the jump start I am looking for.  It can be anything from a freshly painted room, colorful new pillows on the sofa, or in this case, giving the blog a little face lift.  Doesn't it just make you happy?  Well, maybe it's just me then.  

Master Bathroom Progress

Well, we have made a bit more progress, though the photos don't really show much change since the progress was all under the floor boards with the plumbing!  Chris has been working hard to make sure all is watertight and meets all of the drainage requirements, etc., along with meeting my needs of where I want the fixtures placed!  It can't be easy, but he is doing a great job and both the shower and the tub have passed the leak test!  This is a major relief for us!