Mountain Fix # 3,976

I really should start keeping track of how many "fixes" we actually seek out in the mountains...

As I mentioned in my last post, Chris has had an insatiable appetite for the mountains lately.  And who am I to complain about exploring new hiking trails?!  So we set off towards one of our favorite mountain towns, Evergreen, in search of a new-to-us trail.  It was pretty roasting hot, and errands in the morning meant we didn't reach the trail head until almost 3 in the afternoon!  Not the best decision for a summer hike in Colorado, but we managed all the same.

Love finding random photos after hubs steals my phone on a fun adventure.

We couldn't come that close to Evergreen without spending some time in town, so we cleaned up and decided to enjoy dinner and live music in a super quirky and fun pub downtown.  The music was fantastic and we went home with full tummies and lots of energy from the lively pub atmosphere.

Sunday was much more low key, spent snoozing during power outages, daydreaming about decorating our laundry room (ha! how boring do I sound?!), and hanging with hubs before a sleepless night for the both of us.  Zzzzz......

I am gearing up for a busy week at work, followed by a weekend back in Washington celebrating a new babe and catching up with family.  Bring on the coffee!

How did you spend your weekend?