#StapKitchenReno - Update #3

Thought I would pop in and share a bit more progress that has been made on the kitchen.  What a transformation having these new floors in and having the existing ones refinished.  We love how the finish turned out!

Since we have been kicked out of our house the second half of this week, these photos are just courtesy of our very kind contractor (though I did sneak an early morning peek on my way to work yesterday!), so I will have photos of the finished floors this weekend.  

Here's how our list is looking at the moment...
  • Remove partition wall between dining room and kitchen
  • Dismantle existing kitchen cabinets & island  
  • Remove dishwasher, range and microwave (and sell!)
  • Remove tile flooring in dining room 
  • Remove and/or reroute electrical from partition wall - Chris is working on this over the next few days
  • Assemble new kitchen cabinets 
  • Have wood floors extended and refinished (hired out) 
  • Repair drywall on ceiling and wall from wall removal (hired out) - Scheduled for this coming week.
  • Install new cabinets, hardware, drawers and doors - Hoping to start on Monday once the floors can handle it!
  • Have new countertops installed - We are changing things up with the countertops, but I want them to be a surprise! Stay tuned...
  • Install new sink & appliances - sink and cooktop can't go in until after the countertops are installed, rest of the appliances will go in once the cabinets are installed.
  • Install hood over new cooktop - this MIGHT be a bit of a DIY project. More soon...
  • Tile wall above sink & cooktop - We have decided on white subway tile with gray grout!
  • Put toe kicks, moulding, and other finishing touches on the space.
  • A secret project is being added to the kitchen and I can't wait to get started on it! Stay tuned!
That leaves us with this beautiful blank slate that we now get to fill with new cabinets, appliances and countertops -- eek!  Hoping to start installing the new cabinets very soon, so stay tuned for that big update!