#StapKitchenReno - Update #4

Well, it certainly took longer than I thought it would, but we officially have a kitchen island! I will save you the story of all the roadblocks we encountered while trying to place that island, and just tell you that we did it. :) You have no idea how proud we are of that beauty!

We are still without a sink, cooktop and oven but are starting to see real progress which helps keep us motivated for the time being.  We are hoping by late next week that we have a working kitchen again, which is - of course - dependent on the electrician coming through for us.Who knew electricians were so popular?!

Here's how our list is looking at the moment...
  • Remove partition wall between dining room and kitchen
  • Dismantle existing kitchen cabinets & island  
  • Remove dishwasher, range and microwave (and sell!)
  • Remove tile flooring in dining room 
  • Remove and/or reroute electrical from partition wall (hired out) 
  • Assemble new kitchen cabinets 
  • Have wood floors extended and refinished (hired out) 
  • Repair drywall on ceiling and wall from wall removal (after the electrical + inspection)
  • Install new cabinets, hardware, drawers and doors  (the island is done, hoping to get the rest done in the next few days!)
  • Have new countertops installed (hired out) - measuring this week, hopefully install next week!
  • Install new sink & cooktop (once countertops are in)
  • Install hood over new cooktop (once countertops are in)
  • Tile wall above sink & cooktop (this one will be delayed until we live with the space a bit and decide which type and color of tile to go with here.)
  • Put toe kicks, moulding, and other finishing touches on the space 
It is all starting to come together now, which is a huge relief!  When you convince your husband that demolishing a wall is a good idea, and you have measured and designed the kitchen without seeing the space opened up first, you cross your fingers and hope it all turns out okay!  I am happy to say that we are both very pleased with how it is turning out so far!