Turning Thirty

Okay, so I celebrated one of my best friend's ("twenty ninth," wink, wink) birthday last night, letting loose with a whole two glasses of wine with dinner.  Fun, right?  Well, um, I feel like I partied all night last night.  Is this what happens when you are approaching your own "twenty ninth" birthday?!?!  Because if so, I might have to stick to mocktails in the future. ;)

The restaurant we went to was really great.  It has a rooftop bar that serves drinks out of an RV (amazing, right?), and you get amazing views of downtown Denver.  And "normal" size dinner portions, of even more amazing food.  We will definitely be going back again.  And on a random plus side, we found a view point to take visitors.  Not what I had in mind when I put that one on my list, but I actually think it's better!

{ the only photo I took all night. not even one of the birthday girl. fail. }

On a complete side note, I LOVE birthdays.  Like, seriously love them.  Who wouldn't?  It's a day to just celebrate YOU, and the day you came into this world.  I say embrace it.  Even if you have that pesky "getting older" anxiety.  Live your life to the fullest, and make every year in between these celebrations really count.

Birthday party, take two is next weekend, so hopefully I can actually remember to take some photos this time around.  And avoid a college hangover the next day.  Ha.  Unlikely, but a girl can wish.