Language Barrier Monday

LBM returns for a surprise visit, because well, this one was just too good to let it go unspoken.

Sunday morning, I came out of our bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs, to see Chris sitting cross-legged on our front room sofa.  It sounds so cheesy now that I think back on it, but instinctively I said, "well don't you look cute, sitting criss-cross apple sauce."  And instantly, I got the heartiest laugh I had heard from Chris in a long while.  Which then, of course, made me laugh in response.  

So a few hours later, we were still kind of laughing about it whenever one of us reminded the other about it. And Chris said, "you should put that one on your blog, about how hard I guffawed at your little country saying."  

Little did he know that his saying would be the one I would be posting about.  Who says guffaw?  Is this a common British thing?  Either way, I was laughing pretty hard at his use of such an antiquated (in my opinion!) word.  Ha.  Love unexpected moments like that that have the ability to make us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt.  And it did.  Deep belly laughs.  

It was a good weekend.  Feeling grateful.