It's the Most Crazy Time of the Year... er, Wonderful!

Well, as many of you already know, it has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks in our house.  Chris has been lucky enough to be slammed with work, which is wonderful news, however he is a bit too slammed.  He has recruited me to be his little apprentice, helping out with as much as I can without getting too technical, and is working late into the night (morning?) each night trying to finish these projects before our holiday plans kick into gear on Friday.  In other words, it's crunch time.

So... not a whole lot has been happening in our world as a result.  Other than takeout and construction blueprints covering our floor like a bomb went off, that is.  

I did however, get to take my bestie to a Christmas show (her birthday gift from a few months ago) last week.  Even though we were both exhausted, and had no time for such festivities, we pulled ourselves together and made a fun evening of it.

On another fun note, I received news that my first greeting card is being "published."  I say it with quotations as it is still in the testing phase, but still exciting to see my poem in print!  Fingers crossed it does well over Valentine's Day!

Aaaaaannddd... I totally lied about spreading some Christmas cheer this week with a baking post.  There's no time for that, I'm afraid!  I do, however, have some fun posts lined up for the new year, so stay tuned!