Our Thanksgiving - 2013

Well, it was a really truly enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Chris and I went to Washington last weekend, so we got to spend the four day-long weekend at home.  A surprisingly enjoyable one at that!

We made a mad dash for the grocery store on Wednesday night to get ingredients for a tasty vegetarian dinner on Thursday.  Our creation turned out quite nicely.

Of course, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if we didn't have pumpkin pie...

We decided to go for a Thanksgiving walk before dinner, and really enjoyed the fresh air.  I have been struggling with a pretty frustrating knee injury, so hikes were out of the question.  But the walk was just right.

Friday we busted out the Christmas cheer and did our very first holiday decorating since we bought our house.  Turns out Christmas decorations are quite expensive, but we plan on adding more next year!  Apologies in advance if my blog takes a detour down candy cane lane this next month.  I LOVE holiday cheer, and all things festive!

The final result of our decorating efforts.

Saturday we returned to the land of adulthood and did some much needed cleaning, scrubbing and laundry around the house.  In the process, we began brainstorming DIY ideas for our little breakfast nook in the kitchen.  Here is what it looks like currently.

And this is what we think we would like to do with it.  Our hope is that it will add to the charm as well as seating!

We rewarded ourselves with an afternoon walk at a beautiful park, offering breath-taking views of the mountains.

{ I was using this photo to play with the aperture, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! }

Saturday night, we were feeling quite lazy but decided to force ourselves to get out for a little date night.  We ended up in a really cozy little pub for a dinner of shared appetizers, followed by live music at a nearby bar. The band?  Ah-mazing!  They were doing all sorts of 80s, 90s and 00s covers.  And were amazingly talented.  We had a really great night.

With one more day, we decided to make the most of our Sunday together.  I went shopping for the family we adopted for the holidays in the morning, before we headed up to the mountains.  Lucky us, we found an incredible meadow for a lovely walk.

{ side note: Chris lost his glove on our Thursday walk, and was convinced that it would still be on the side of the road where we parked for that walk.  I was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised when it was still there 3 days later!  We had a good laugh about that. }

Overall, it was such a great relaxing weekend.  It has been a while since I felt fully 'recharged,' but I am glad that the feeling came by Sunday afternoon.  I went back to work yesterday with a definite spring in my step. Now if only I could kick this knee injury before this weekend - we are expecting snow this week and girlfriend needs some cross country skiing in her life.  

Hope all you Yanks enjoyed your Thanksgiving just as much as we did.  Now only three weeks until Christmas!