Time For Another Challenge?

Call me crazy, but I think I need another challenge in my life.  I found great satisfaction in the 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge, so I have been brainstorming my next move.  I have a few other ideas related to nutrition and health, but decided to switch things up and do an organizational challenge.  

We have a fair amount of storage space in our house, especially since it's only the two of us, but I cringe when I look through our closets and cabinets.  Why, you ask?  Because things just get haphazardly put away when we finish with them.  And the result leaves us constantly on the hunt for whatever tool,  paint brush, or extension cord we may need.  

I have looked at several other blogs who seem to have the organizational thing figured out.  Like, seriously figured out.  So I am taking notes and putting together a strategy for getting us in tip top shape.

Here is a general overview of what I plan to organize.

1.  Kitchen cabinets
2.  Pantry
3.  Coat closet
4.  Laundry room
5.  Garage
6.  My office
7.  Guest room closets
8.  Linen closet
9.  Guest bathroom cabinet
10.  Chris' home office
11.  Refrigerator/freezer
12.  Kitchen drawers
13.  China hutch
14.  Cleaning products
15.  Master closet
16.  Master bathroom cabinets
17.  Master bathroom drawers
18.  Master bedroom
19.  Filing cabinet
20.  Family room built-ins
21.  Meal planning stuff
22.  Back deck / hot tub area

As we are busy entertaining visitors, I will start this challenge on May 1st, and finish all of the above items in thirty days.  Although many will be cringe-worthy, I will include both before and after photos.  I am really looking forward to getting our house in order!

Wish me luck!  I hope I don't find any spiders in those closets...eek!