A Mini Getaway - Manitou Springs

As I mentioned a few days ago, Chris and I stole away for a couple days last weekend.  We both needed a little time away from our house.  I think our inability to travel due to lack of funds has really begun to cramp our style so we figured we could at least stay overnight in a town we have never been to.  A great opportunity to explore a new area of Colorado!

So off we went, and along the way we found so much fun and beauty.

Our first stop?  The Cliff Dwellings just outside Manitou Springs.  

We were lucky enough that the rain held off until we finished at the dwellings, at which point we decided we should find a decent cup of tea somewhere.  We happened upon Colorado Old City (and promptly fell in love with the neighborhood), and wouldn't you know it... we stumbled into an English tea room!  The best part?  The couple who own it, hail from a town about 20 minutes from where Chris' family still live.  Small world, and all that...

We toured around a bit after our tea, and then got ready for our date night out.  After a lot of deliberation (we wanted to make the most out of our restaurant choice), we settled onto a Spanish tapas restaurant in our favorite new 'hood.  Delicious food and even better pear sangria!  It was a lovely evening out, followed by a stroll out in the chilly evening air.

Sunday morning, we were up fairly early for breakfast and onto the Pike's Peak Cog Train up to the top of Pike's Peak at more than 14,000 feet elevation!  But first, we strolled through the adorable downtown of Manitou Springs.  It was abnormally quiet and peaceful.

We had some spare time on Sunday before we headed back home, so we made time to visit Garden of the Gods.  I was looking forward to a little walk, but I had no idea how impressive the scenery would be.  

We came home feeling recharged and having replenished our mountain-time quota.  Well, enough to tide us over until we go camping this weekend!  Thank goodness for beautiful Colorado summers!

What fun things do you have planned this summer?