Summer Drink of Choice

Since Chris and I have been spending many grueling hours doing manual labor in our back yard the past few weeks, we decided it was time to find a refreshing summer drink to quench our thirst while we slave away. So I whipped up some homemade lemonade and, let me tell you, it definitely did the trick!  

Recipe: (this is hardly an 'original' recipe... I do not take credit for creating it. these are just the rough amounts I used of everything.)

1 gallon of cold, filtered water
9-10 organic lemons, juiced
2-3 sliced organic lemons
1/2 -3/4 cup Agave Nectar (to your taste)
A handful or two of ice cubes

Mix, chill, and enjoy!  A great fresh, summery drink.  I think there are many more pitchers of this in our future.  Now if only I could find food grade lavender to add to the mix!