Breaking the Routine - part one.

I don't know about you, but I find it far too easy to fall into familiar routines, especially during the week when I get home wiped out from work (oh, and that five a.m. alarm clock!).  I seem to notice this happening with us every few months, and always try to think of ways to combat the repetitive habits we have subconsciously fallen back into.  

So on Monday we decided to pack up our dinner (spinach and black bean enchiladas - yum!), and take our chairs over to the lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air.  (the fact that our AC unit went out over the weekend, making our house a veritable oven, had nothing to do with wanting to escape to the lake for dinner...)

And we didn't stop there.  Earlier this week, in an effort to do something different and spontaneous, I decided to meet Chris downtown Denver after work.  Working in Boulder, myself, I don't make it into downtown Denver all that often, particularly midweek, but as Chris is working down there at the moment, it seemed like a great opportunity to be impulsive.  

After parking up in his building, and spending waayyyyyy too much time trying to find my way out of the parking garage, (seriously people, ever hear of a sign to the elevators?!) we decided to forgo our usual reach for the ever-helpful UrbanSpoon app and just find a restaurant that looked good and give it a try!

We stumbled onto a somewhat familiar street (though we hadn't been to any of the restaurants), and remembered a recommendation from some good friends for a great little French restaurant.  Done!

So off we went towards the tucked-away-little-restaurant with quiet patio dining options.

It wasn't anything crazy, just dinner out in a new place, but we both left feeling refreshed.  Breaking out of your routine can open your eyes a bit, making you notice things you might normally overlook, because you are in a new, exciting place.  I love that.  I have a few other fun things up my sleeve to help us mix things up (and enjoy!) the rest of the Summer.

Do you ever find yourself falling into the same old routines?  How do you break out of them?