Weekend Fun - Irish Style!

A few weeks ago, Chris and I managed to catch a local Irish festival, which filled our Irish-music-loving souls to the brim.  It made us a bit nostalgic for the famous Galway Ramblers, that we feel so lucky to call family, and their West Coast tour that we got to be a part of a few years ago.  But we loved it all the same.

Obligatory Guinness shirt.

These two were sisters from Canada, and boy did they knock our socks off!  Amazing voices, fiddle-playin', and traditional Irish dancing!  Need I say more?

We almost stayed for the big act at the end of the day, but the storm clouds weren't looking so good so we booked it to the car just in time for the worst rain storm I have ever experienced!  Those poor people still at the festival... We did not regret our decision to leave at that point.  Though we were laughing so hard from the hurricane force rain that we couldn't exactly drive.  Or was it the hurricane force rain that was preventing us from driving?  Either way, we had a great time!

It also reminded us that we are due a visit back to Ireland.  We can't wait to see everyone there and catch up soon!

Happy Friday!