Playing with Littles

I recently got to spend some time with family, and was reminded of the wide-eyed wonder that "littles" bring to this great big world.  The endless questions, the tireless energy, and the sweet innocence are so fun for this auntie to experience, if only for a weekend.

And the most important question, how old does she need to be before she can start visiting auntie and "untle" in Colorado...?  Several more years?!  Oh, my bad...

I never got tired of hearing, "Come on, Auntie, come play with me!"

Me: (pointing to a hydrangea bush) "do you know what those are called?" Little: (looking at my strangely) "yeah, FLOWERS!"

"Let's run!"  Repeat.  Now I understand why kids sleep so well!

"There's spiderwebs on there."  So obviously we were cleaning them off. And maybe silently hoping there were no spiders lurking around...

"Can I take a picture with your camera, Auntie?"  Toddler's know what's important when taking photos.  Not so much the barbecue, as the bubbles...

"Get in, Auntie, I'm driving!"

Our pint-sized taxi driver.

Aaaaaaannnddd... she's out!

What fun it was playing with her and getting to see the world through her eyes for a weekend.  Along with the endless questions of "why?" :)

And the realization that I only took photos of little people reminds me to be more inclusive on my next visit! Though it will be a challenge since there will be a new "little" on the scene...

Happy Wednesday!  Here's to getting over the hump!