Anniversary, Round Two

For our two year anniversary, I decided to get Chris a little something special, in addition to a really cool surprise (more on that later).  Because we share a love of travel, I found this super cool map that allows you to scratch off the countries you have visited together. There aren't many yet, but I don't plan on ending our travels anytime soon, so hopefully we can continue to add to it over the years.  

In the meantime, it makes for lovely wall decor and serves as a little reminder whenever we need travel inspiration (that never happens, by the way.  we can always find inspiration, it's money that isn't always cooperative!).

{ a similar style to the one I got for Chris. }

After giving Chris this map, and looking at all of the places we have been together, it reminded me of all of our adventures, both near and far, and I decided to take a little walk down memory lane.

Some of our favorite places, in photos (in no particular order!).  And apologies in advance for the overwhelming amount of photos.

nothing beats a wide open road (or a cross-country move!).

quirky experiences that you may not want to repeat anytime soon, yet they provide the best stories...

santa cruz. love.

snorkeling off the coast of Thailand.

our new-found favorite winter sport!

overcoming fears, having amazing experiences diving in Thailand.

the big buddha and po lin monastery. incredible experience.

dim sum in hong kong.

no description necessary, but can you believe the color of this water?  ♡ Thailand!

Israel excitement.

The Dead Sea, I mean, come on...

We love us some mountain time!

Enjoying the warm sunshine and cold water (from the safety of our kayaks!).

 Kicking back during an Israel pit stop. that is, afterall, what pit stops are for..

Just a camel.  No big deal. #nothingtoseehere

Light reading.

Another big move.

Our new home.

A special place in HK.

I think we have 33 miles to go.  Kilometers? I don't know, 33-something.

The Wailing Wall.  No words to describe it or the Old City of Jerusalem.  Still can't believe we were there.

California: body boarding?  Check!

L.A. obligatory stops.

Ohhh, just hanging out on the field at AT&T Park. #nobigdeal

Napa Valley.

The beauty of Utah still overwhelms me.

My handsome surfer.

Wake-boarding in Napa Valley.

Summer picnics on the beach. Heaven.

Chris' favorite pit stop.  ever.

Exploring hubby's homeland.  

First flight to Heathrow!


Appeasing my slight obsession with the Tudors at Hampton Court.

Old Roman Baths.  Love this place and the whole town of Bath, though I still can't bring myself to say it as the Brits do..  


First train ride in England!

One could argue that we are a bit of a sensation-seeking couple.

 Pretend gambling. Because, you know, photo op and all.

Snowboarding. Lake Tahoe.  Stunning.

 Yosemite ( and its Falls).

Golden Gate.

Philly. #libertybell

En route to Telluride. Not a bad pit stop.

The view from our (camping) accommodation near Telluride.  

 Kayak mishaps, and husbands who can't stop laughing.

 A stopover in Iceland.

 Photo op while taking in the nighttime view over San Francisco. #younglove ;)

So grateful to have found someone who inspires my inner adventurer to come out!  Spent our anniversary yesterday overwhelmed by this thought... 


I could probably fill a book (or five) with all of our photos, but tried to understand that people that aren't Chris and I, probably don't care!  Ha.  So, yes, this was me being choosy!

Happy Anniversary, my love!  Thanks for keeping me laughing for the past six years!