Different Priorities

Yesterday afternoon, as Chris and I raked the leaves in our front yard with precision accuracy (not), we somehow got on the topic of my Dad.  He has always been a really hard worker, both at "work" and at home, and out of nowhere Chris asked, "Do you think your Dad knows how lazy I am?"  Ha!  I let out a very surprised laugh, followed by, "probably not."  And with the very next sentence, he unintentionally changed my perspective. "It's actually not that I am lazy, I just have different priorities."

{ photo from last Fall. }

At first, I thought, yeah that's what you say to yourself so you don't feel guilty about your laziness. But almost immediately following that thought, I realized he was right.  About both of us.  We value getting out and exploring, and making the most out of our lives, way more than we value a perfectly clean and organized house.  Who cares that we are three weeks late with raking up the mounds of leaves in our front yard (ahem, not to mention our overflowing laundry basket)?  In those three weeks, we have escaped to the tallest incorporated city in the states to see the changing of the leaves, we have had friends over for dinner, gone for long walks, traveled to a dear cousin's wedding out of state, explored Seattle, and snuggled up to watch movies together on the sofa.  And if I had it to do all over again?  I would leave those leaves sitting on our front lawn.  Because those three weeks sound perfect to me.

Different priorities.  I'm going to hang on to that one.