#StapKitchenReno - Update #2

Well, it might not mean checking several items off the list, but we (Chris) did knock a pretty big one off the list!  We said adios to the partition wall between the kitchen and dining room and it is amazing how much bigger the space feels now!  It is also a lot brighter now that the big dining room window is a part of the new kitchen space.  Since the kitchen is on the East side of the house, any additional natural light come the afternoon is much appreciated!

{ the beginnings of an island taking shape! }

Here's how our list is looking at the moment...
  • Remove partition wall between dining room and kitchen
  • Dismantle existing kitchen cabinets & island  Only the sink and corner cabinet to remove today!
  • Remove dishwasher, range and microwave (and sell!)
  • Remove tile flooring in dining room - Hopefully happening today (thanks to Chris!)
  • Remove and/or reroute electrical from partition wall (hired out)
  • Assemble new kitchen cabinets (yay, one down!)
  • Have wood floors extended and refinished (hired out)
  • Repair drywall on ceiling and wall from wall removal (hired out)
  • Install new cabinets, hardware, drawers and doors
  • Have new countertops installed (hired out)
  • Install new sink & appliances
  • Install hood over new cooktop
  • Tile wall above sink & cooktop
  • Put toe kicks, moulding, and other finishing touches on the space.
Phew! We will be jumping in and completing a lot more next week so stay tuned... and keep an eye on the Latest Adventures tab above for on-the-spot updates!