As you may have gathered from the title of this post, our kitchen renovation is off and running!  We have a lot to do in a relatively short amount of time because we made the silly decision to finish it in time for a big veggie potluck group dinner we are hosting at the end of August!  Crazy?!  Probably, but it will also push us to get as much done as we possibly can before then!  Fingers crossed that our dinner guests don't have to wear hard hats when entering our house come August!

Since we all know renovation updates are not my forte (understatement of the year!), feel free to click on the Latest Adventures tab above for quick photo updates as we go through this renovation. #stapkitchenreno

Here's a little sneak peek into what we need to accomplish in this space...
  • Remove partition wall between dining room and kitchen
  • Dismantle existing kitchen cabinets & island
  • Remove dishwasher, range and microwave (and sell!)
  • Remove tile flooring in dining room
  • Remove and/or reroute electrical from partition wall
  • Assemble new kitchen cabinets (yay, one down!)
  • Have wood floors extended and refinished
  • Repair drywall on ceiling and wall from wall removal
  • Install new cabinets, hardware, drawers and doors
  • Have new countertops installed
  • Install new sink & appliances
  • Install hood over new cooktop
  • Tile wall above sink & cooktop
  • Put toe kicks, moulding, and other finishing touches on the space.
I love how simple it all sounds!  Ha!  I am sure we are in for some surprises on this renovation.  But I am so excited to see how it turns out!