The Power of Fresh Air Makes for A Lovely Weekend

This past weekend -- simple as it was -- really filled my bucket, as my niece would say. It started with a spontaneous call from Chris on my way home from work on Friday, asking if I fancied happy hour at local, authentic little British pub.  There was no arm twisting needed here, so we met up and sat in the pub garden in the sunshine, grateful for the consistent, cool breeze.

Saturday came and we were enjoying a lazy morning when we got the urge to head for the mountains. Since we love a good bit of spontaneity, off we went in search of a good hiking trail.  After packing up our essentials first.  (Chris' mountain essentials above. not pictured: water. lots of water.)

After bumping into a small town parade and Rodeo en route to the hiking trail, and several detours later, we wound up at a random trail head on the side of the road.  

Given that my knee is in pretty horrible shape, it might not have been the best idea to head off to parts unknown, but a little adventure never hurt anyone, right...?

And the views were definitely worth it.  Even if it did mean scaling up and then down the other side of this steep ridge.  Though my knee definitely didn't agree.  Definitely not.

We got to soak up the fresh mountain air, have great, lazy conversation as we discovered yet another amazing Colorado trail.

Adding to our spontaneity, we found a cute little cafe on our way home (that actually had something I could eat! a very tasty something!) before crashing for the afternoon.  We topped off the weekend having dinner with new friends, and meeting another friend for a vegetarian festival nearby on Sunday.

My bucket is definitely full after such a perfectly lovely weekend.