American Obsession With the English Accent, Take 9,367:

This year, Chris and I decided to forgo the traditional craziness that happens every Halloween, and do something a bit different.  What, you ask?  We went out for an Indian curry, followed by a movie in our local theater.  Two funny things happened that I felt must be shared here, with all the talk about the American obsession with the English accent and all.

So we had a lovely meal at a quiet little Indian restaurant near the theater, and then made a mad dash for the theater, as it was quite cold out!  As we were walking up the steps to the theater, we were chatting away, and this young guy carrying a big sign passes by us.  He obviously hears Chris' accent because he literally dropped his sign, trying to turn around and asked Chris where his accent was from.  There was a lot of awkward fumbling trying to keep his sign in check, and he seemed a bit desperate to find out where Chris hailed from.

{ I may have to try this sometime. If only so I don't get written off before I even open my mouth! }

Once Chris told him that it was, in fact, an English accent, he responded the way I imagine many people respond to the Queen: awestruck.  "That's so cool."  He then turned and walked off.  That's all he wanted, was to know where Chris' gorgeous accent was from.  :)

So, off we went into the theater to buy our tickets.  

Funny thing number two doesn't really have anything to do with the English accent, but as it happened last night as well, I might as well share it here.  

We really wanted to go to a movie, but there was nothing we really wanted to see that we hadn't already seen, so we opted for one with great reviews, despite our reservations about our interest level.  It was called Enough Said, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, & Toni Collette.  It had a 96% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so we went for it.  And truth be told, we both enjoyed it.  It wasn't the most creative storyline I've ever heard, but the acting was good and it held our attention.  Want to know who else's attention was captured by this movie?  The 20 other viewers in the theater.  Oh, and did I mention they were all over 70? Ha!  Chris and I felt so out of place with every new couple that came into the theater.  What started as one other older couple, which we laughed off as a coincidence, of course, quickly became 10 older couples.  

Overall, we had a great Halloween.  Even though there wasn't really anything Halloween about it.  :)  I have to admit, I get the excitement around costumes, but for some reason, the holiday really doesn't do much for me.  Now, Christmas... that's a great holiday...

P.S. We weren't complete duds when it came to Halloween this year, we DID get pumpkins.  Pumpkins I placed on the front porch, fully intending to carve them at some point.  Only to have them eaten.  Eaten, you ask?  Yep, our neighborhood squirrel must have gotten hungry.  After the first two got eaten, we assumed it was the pesky raccoons back again.  But then Chris caught him in action...

Stay tuned for the reveal of our bedroom this weekend!  We painted it last weekend, but have failed to do cleanup, and as there is a ladder blocking half the room, I will wait until we clean up to take our after photos.  Which color do you think we chose?

Happy Friday!