Master Bedroom

After all that work outside, we think our bedroom deserves a little TLC.  It looks perfectly fine as is, but we want to put our stamp on it.  Also, we want to get it painted so we can actually put things on the walls! Because let's be honest, we have plenty of wall space in our room.  And we are itching to fill it!

I am hoping to turn this vaulted wall into a collage wall.  It will certainly put my creative and DIY skills to the test, but I think I am up for the challenge.  I don't want to just make any old collage wall, either.  I want each piece to have a connection to our lives together.  This one will likely take a while to complete, but I am going to begin collecting pieces for it and will keep you updated with my progress.

This is the view laying in bed.  I seriously want to get a projector for watching movies up on that enormous wall.  Aside from something like that, it will likely remain open.  I am definitely not one that needs to cover every inch of wall space with "stuff."  Simplicity is good for the soul.  Plus, I really want to watch movies up there, so I might have an ulterior motive.

This is a straight on view of the future "collage wall."  (above)

This color was my inspiration when we headed to the paint store last night.  I think it would look beautiful in our room.  Especially with some bright white trim!  (p.s. I might have to convince Chris that we need to paint our bedroom furniture white...)

On a side note, I think the curtains that I loved the most from my Entryway Curtains post, would look lovely with this color in our bedroom.  They are also blackout curtains which would be great.

So here are the colors we got samples of.  We plan on getting the third from the left 25% lightened later today, because I really like that tone, but it's ever so slightly too dark for me.  I am really curious to see what that one looks like compared to the rest.  Also, apologies in advance, it was dark outside when I took this photo, so this is with flash and isn't the true colors as it is in the daylight.

I am really excited about this project.  It's fairly inexpensive, but I think is going to make a huge difference in the room.

We are also talking about doing a quilt for our bed, rather than a duvet.  We have always had a duvet, but like the cozy look that a quilt can bring to the room.  Plus, our bed is enormous, and even king size duvets don't completely cover our mattress.  So hopefully getting a quilt a bit larger than a King will serve us well. This is an Etsy favorite of mine, though I must admit, they are certainly not cheap!  Understandable though, as they are handmade and must take a lot of (wo)man hours to finish one.  If only I knew how to sew! Ha!

I will post a before and after once we finish painting.  What do you think of the color above?  I kind of want to jazz it up a bit, and we are pretty bright and colorful people, so I think it will really suit us. What do you think of the quilt idea?  We are doing a little bit of a cottage-y design to our house, without pigeon-holing ourselves too much, that is.  So I think the quilt goes nicely with that idea.

We still haven't decided what to do with the main wall behind our bed in the bedroom, but hopefully getting some color up in there will inspire us.

Stay tuned for lots more fun projects!  That reminds me... I still need to finish the dining room chairs.  Ugh...
I'm an ADD DIYer, what do you want from me?!