Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I think that is the second time I have referenced Mr. Rogers in my very young blog, which I must admit, is a bit weird, even for me.

Moving on...

I have to say that although Chris and I are still "new" to our neighborhood, we are feeling incredibly fortunate to have the neighbors that we do.  And not just our immediate neighbors, but the whole cul-de-sac has been so warm and welcoming to us.

{ I found this snow-covered photo of our house from just after we moved in earlier this Spring... Funny to see it with snow, when it has been roasting hot here this summer }

Two weeks ago, as we slaved away in the front yard on Operation Rock Removal, several more new neighbors, and some we already know quite well, came over to introduce themselves and offer up any tools or equipment that we might need.

From the hilariously sarcastic neighbor who is an original owner in our development, to the 70 year old woman who introduced herself by saying it was her husband that mows the lawn with his shirt off.  To which Chris responded, "Oh yes!  I know the house!"  {awk-ward!}  When we told her that it was our first house and that we are still figuring things out when it comes to landscaping, she responded, "well, we are 70, so this is our last house.  They'll be taking us out by the feet!"  I told Chris I can't wait to get to know Jean better so I can invite her over for tea.  She seems like such a sweet and funny lady.

Chris and I have made a point to introduce ourselves to new neighbors whenever we get the chance.  We know how strange it must be for them to have a new family on the block, and we want them to know that they have nothing to worry about.  Okay, almost nothing.

Our (law enforcement) neighbor... you know the one?  He saved the day during the toilet fiasco.  Anyway, he told us over the weekend that he really appreciates how good we are at communicating with them and being so friendly.  This is a welcome compliment considering we are new to the whole home ownership thing (or at least I am, not so much Chris), and are doing our best to put ourselves out there and be 'neighborly.'

I can't think of a better way to sum up our efforts so far, than in the words of George W:  
Mission Accomplished.