Tiling Adventures, part one

Well, we finally jumped into the tiling phase in our bathroom, and were pleasantly surprised with how it is turning out!  It definitely takes longer than we expected to complete a small space, but having the shower done (not pictured!) feels like a huge accomplishment!  It is really nice to see the finishes being installed... makes it feel a bit more real!

Here's the wall that I did...

And Chris working on his wall... (bad lighting, sorry..)

We made a little start on the mosaic tile (not pictured) that is going to be on the wall around the tub and hope to make more progress on that today and tomorrow.  Then we can start on the floors! We are getting very anxious to see it all come together and get the new tub -- and the ever-exciting toilet! -- installed.

In the meantime, I haven't made any more progress on those other projects that I mentioned last week!  But they are still on the list of DIY projects, don't worry!

I hope you had a great weekend...