New Season, Fresh Look

Makes sense, right? I don't know about you, but anytime I am feeling restless and unfulfilled in some way, changing things up visually tends to give me the jump start I am looking for.  It can be anything from a freshly painted room, colorful new pillows on the sofa, or in this case, giving the blog a little face lift.  Doesn't it just make you happy?  Well, maybe it's just me then.  

In any case, I have been struggling from a serious case of writers block, along with an even more serious case of creativity block. We are mid-bathroom renovation, halfway through painting both guest bedrooms (much to husband's dismay - the halfway part) and I can't seem to find that creative spark that always helps me through a project.  Until now.  Doing a little makeover here on the blog means a fresh start.  And I am already feeling the creativity start to flow.  

I have a few DIY projects up my sleeve, though there will likely not be much to report here on the blog until we finish the bathroom renovation.  Because I am more than ready to be back in my dust-free bedroom, with access to my closet once again.  So for now, I will plan.  

What am I planning? I thought you'd never ask.  Here's a little sneak peek of what I have in mind...

Our guest bathroom was the first room that I painted when we moved into our house two years ago, and many changes have been made since.  A big one being that I painted the vanity navy blue!  I think the walls need a fresh, brighter coat of paint to go with the new cabinet.  We also have a few things sitting patiently, waiting to be installed here that will really make a big difference.  A new counter top, light fixture, mirror, faucet, toilet and tile are all ready to go.  Ideally, I'd like to swap that tub out for one that is more comfortable to kick back in (who invented tubs without a sloped end?!), and perhaps some subway tile? But for now, these smaller changes are more than enough to keep me busy.  Here's a peek at what will be going into the space.

We also have a little built-in ledge in our master bathroom that will be right next to the new tub (on the left, beneath the windows... you'll have to picture it without all the tools on it!).  So of course, my mind has been daydreaming of ways to decorate it, while also adding some much-needed function since we will no longer have a tub surround for which to set things on.

Epsom salts, bluetooth speaker, candles, essential oils and face and body masks and scrubs are all on the list of function, and here are some ways I'd like to display them.

And the final project I've been daydreaming of?  Figuring out a way to organize our shallow, disorganized linen closet.  What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in wall space (it takes up the entire length of the hallway!), but the slanted wire shelves are just not working for me.

I haven't quite decided on what to do, but I have some ideas of what I might need in order to whip this closet into shape.

These dividers... keep towels, sheets and blankets in their place. Oh and maybe replace all of the wire shelves, too!

Some shallow drawers...
...for those hard to wrangle items that don't really belong in a linen closet in the first place.

These baskets...
...for small, bathroom toiletries (and craft stuff!).

Happy Wednesday!