Master Bathroom Progress

Well, we have made a bit more progress, though the photos don't really show much change since the progress was all under the floor boards with the plumbing!  Chris has been working hard to make sure all is watertight and meets all of the drainage requirements, etc., along with meeting my needs of where I want the fixtures placed!  It can't be easy, but he is doing a great job and both the shower and the tub have passed the leak test!  This is a major relief for us!

What's next, you ask?  Well, we picked up all of our tiling supplies (and a new toilet! super exciting stuff...!) and will be putting the cement board on the floor and walls tomorrow in preparation of that beautiful tile!

Tiling is a bit daunting, since we have never done it before... but we have been watching tons of tiling videos (thanks, YouTube!) and researching / reading up on tips and tricks of the trade!  We are under no illusions that it will be perfect, but we are fairly confident that it will turn out okay!  So wish us luck!  And hopefully next week (depending on how long this tiling adventure takes us!) we can finally share the after photos with you.  I can't wait to finally move back into our dust-free bedroom!

Happy Thursday!