Back to Normalcy - Our Weekend

We spent our Saturday catching up with friends, exchanging travel stories from the holidays.  We had planned to watch the new season of Sherlock, but a few technical glitches and several hours later, we realized we had way too much to catch up on to spend our time watching TV.  Next time.

As I still can't do much physical activity due to my knee injury, Chris was kind enough to save me from cabin fever and take me for a drive on Sunday.  Where did we head?  To the mountains, of course!  We had a quick flip through our Best of Colorado book and decided on two small towns about an hour away.  

Please note that I can't spend any time on my knee, so all photos are taken from the comfort of the car.  It also means they aren't super creative and fun photos.  We plan to return and have a walk through the town center once I am all healed up!

And finally, our mini road trip in photos...

I was so grateful to Chris for getting me out of the house and doing something we both love to do: explore!  I hope to be active again soon so we can take advantage of cross country skiing and showshoeing before the snow disappears!

How did you spend your weekend?