Christmas Trip, Part Two - England

We were lucky enough to spend ten full days (not including travel days) in England for Christmas and New Years, and had a great time catching up with everyone.  So many stories to tell, but instead, I will share our trip in photos.  I still need to get better about remembering that I actually have my camera with me, so many missed opportunities.  Next time for sure!

So... these are in a very random order, so apologies to anyone that knows this (which is everyone now - ha!)!  Blogger is not my best friend today, so that's as good as it's going to get.

We had such a great time seeing everyone, and are already looking forward to our next visit.  On a side note, anyone we saw in England (and those we didn't!), we weren't kidding about visiting us!  You are all welcome anytime!  Well, not all at once, but you know what I mean!  We hope to see you out in Colorado sometime soon!