A Week of Creativity (in Photos)

I have managed to fit a few creative projects in over the past week or so, and am really loving the progress of our home decor.  It is finally starting to feel like our house.  It's all about the personal touches!

Two collage walls have been in progress for a while, and I finally finished one over the weekend while Chris worked.  Though, truth be told I feel like it could still use another photo or two!  Ha - typical!

A new spring garland for the fireplace!  These little suckers are so easy to make but I think they add a bit of fun (and color!) to the family room.

A little jar painting fun...

And last but not least, the perfect sign to have above our front door.  A little reminder that the beautiful Rocky Mountains are just a ten minute drive away!

The back yard (also known as the bane of my existence..) has also gotten a lot of TLC this past week.  Lots of weeding and clearing out, but we are a bit stuck on how to move forward (all without spending a fortune!).  So, expect several tales of our backyard adventures in your near future.  If you continue to visit here, that is.  After a warning like that, I wouldn't blame you if you never returned...

Happy Wednesday!