I Hear You, Universe

Do you ever feel like sometimes the Universe is sending you a message?  I love it when things come into your life at just the right time.  Through life's ups and downs, I am finding myself seeking out all things positive to keep me facing the sunshine rather than the darkness.  This has led to me devouring any and all information that I think will help me in my quest to do just that, but also to better understand myself (more on that in a separate post next week!).  

Last night on the way home from my second yoga class of the day, I set my itunes library to shuffle and set off towards home.  The first song that came on, was a song by Kris Allen from a few years ago, titled Live Like We're Dying.  I have always loved it, but it was just the reminder I needed to hear last night.   Such true and powerful lyrics.  Even if you know the song, have another listen.  Maybe it will ring true for you, too.

The second song that came on, was one that I found via my favorite morning radio show.  One of the hosts of the show, Amy, has been open about her Mom's struggles with cancer diagnoses over the past few years. Her mom, Judy, has chosen to "choose joy" through her battle with cancer, even in the darkest of times.  She focuses instead, on brightening the days of other patients at the hospital and just keeps her focus on the positive with her situation.  Amy decided that her mom needed to start a twitter account, and searched for ages trying to find a suitable name.  @ChooseJoyJudy, etc. were all already taken, so she finally settled on: @JudyBePimpinJoy.  Ha!  Seems silly, but it really embodies Judy's outlook, and she seems to be enjoying the new (to her) world of Twitter.  So the morning show decided to do a "choose joy" (or "pimpin' joy") week in her honor.  It was all about getting listeners to do kind things for strangers, and it was AMAZING how many wonderful things were done during that week.  

A dedicated listener of the show, wrote and recorded a "Pimpin' Joy" song for the week (it's available on iTunes, and all proceeds go to the St. Jude's Children's hospital!  Go download it!).  Such a fun and uplifting song.  And another great reminder of what is truly important.  Here is the music video they made from the song.

The third (and final!) song that came on before I started to repeat these three songs over and over the entire commute home, was Loving You Tonight by Andrew Allen.  Such an uplifting song, and one that I connect with so much.  I am always excited to get home to see Chris and share my day with him.  After this week's post about my gratitude for having him in my life, it only served as an even bigger reminder to me.  Have a listen...

I guess what I am trying to say is, I too am choosing joy.  Yeah, I hear you, Universe.  Loud and clear.