♡ A New 'Sometimes' Series: Gratitude Journal ♡

Starting a gratitude journal has been on my list of new, healthy habits to start for a long time.  I love the idea of noting down things that I am grateful for, however big or small.  But I also don't want to force it by setting a specific day and time that these posts happen.  Hence the "sometimes" addition to the title.

Today, I am grateful for my husband.  It might sound like an easy answer, but I honestly cannot explain what a good, kind and honest person he is.  He knows how to make me laugh, when I am sad... how to bring out my silly side, even when I resist, and he knows how to really listen and validate my feelings better than anyone I have ever met. They say that relationships are tested in the hard times, not the good times, and I can say for 100% certainty that he is the perfect person for me.

So today, a very big thank you to him, for everything he has done and continues to do for me.  I look forward to life's ups and downs knowing I will have him beside me every step of the way.

I won't go into crazy detail, because well, a lot of it is private, and a lot of it I am sure you don't care to read about... :)  But I could literally fill this post with his amazing qualities.  I'm a lucky lady...