Dining Room Update

Well, last night I got hit by the DIY bug again, so I dove into the dining room project hoping for more progress than last time.  My goal was to finish more of the chairs, but when I realized I was out of the required spray primer (and far too lazy to go to Home Depot), I changed tactics and decided to re-cover the cushions of the chairs instead.

{ work in progress, don't mind the mess! }

I realized when starting the cushions, just how much work all of these "easy" DIY projects actually take.  It wasn't just a matter of cutting the fabric and stapling it on, there is more prep work involved than I allowed myself to think about.  Like ironing the fabric.  For someone that only breaks out her iron for special occasions (if that), I was not thrilled at the idea that the fabric was wrinkled, but I did what had to be done. I really want this space to look nice when I finish.

After four cushions, I realized I may suffer from ADD, because I spotted the dining room table out of the corner of my eye and decided to start priming the table!  It gave me a really good idea of how nice and bright the table is going to look when it is finished, and got me really motivated to get everything done!

So much motivation, in fact, that I got a brilliant (I think!) idea for a chandelier makeover that I hope will finish off the room nicely.  I also spotted a cheap rug (thank you very much, IKEA) that goes so well with the vision I have for the room.  I see an IKEA trip in my near future.  I seriously love that place.  Except having to put together my own furniture.  Not cool.

All in all, I think it was a successful DIY evening.  So what if I only finished four chair cushions and the top of the table?!  Every little bit is progress, even if I don't do things in a very logical order.  Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.  :)

My goal for tonight is to finish the remaining chair cushions.  I just have one question.  I used one of the chairs for my "office" upstairs, painted it white and gave it a fun coral cushion.  Should I make one other chair (that will not be stored at the table) with a coral cushion, so that I have 8 gray and white striped and two coral?  Or leave the remaining 9 the same gray and white striped with only one coral?  It will only really matter if we have 10 people sitting down to dinner, which I doubt will be very often...  Decisions, decisions. Let me know what you think!

Hopefully I can post an update with a finished room soon.  I feel like I have so many "works-in-progress!" Stay tuned!