Mid-Summer Blues?

We were so excited all Spring for Summer to finally arrive so that we could get out and explore the beautiful Rocky mountains that are literally on our doorstep.  But now that summer is in full swing, I find my mind drifting to Fall.  Feeling excited at the thought of warm sweaters, tall boots, and the changing colors of the leaves that are especially beautiful here in Colorado.  

I've been trying to live in the moment a bit more and enjoy where I'm at right now, as opposed to where I want to be.  In all aspects really.  And luckily I've got just the ticket.  Literally.

There really is no cure for mid-summer blues quite like live comedy.  

Back in February, we went to see Tom Papa here in Denver with some friends, and literally had the best time!  If you haven't seen him live, I highly recommend it!  (or just look him up on Netflix... his Live From New York show is fantastic!)  So as Chris and I began chatting about plans for the summer, we knew we wanted it to include more comedy.

My sister and brother-in-law introduced us to Brian Regan a few years ago (on Netflix again!), and we really took to his clean, but hysterical jokes.  So when we saw that he was performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater, it was a no-brainer!  Non-stop laughing in the most scenic venue you can imagine? Yes, please!

The months have flown by since we booked the tickets, and the day is finally here!  We get to see him perform tonight!  And as beautiful a location as Red Rocks is, I am aware that we might also get caught in the thunder and lightning storm that is expected later today!  One downfall to outdoor performances in the Denver summers!  Oh well, we will take an umbrella (wait, do umbrellas attract lightning?!), grab a cold beer and enjoy whatever mother nature throws our way!

We are off on our rafting adventure tomorrow... stay tuned next week for what is sure to be a fun and exciting story from this round of rafting!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!