Sustenance Sunday

Do you enjoy a nice refreshing cold beer at your summer BBQs, but wish you didn't get sleepy drinking in the heat of the afternoon sun?  I have your answer.  A classic staple at English pubs: a shandy!

What's a shandy, you ask?  Half lager, half lemonade (also known to us Americans, as Sprite).

{ side note: if you order a lemonade in England, 99% of the time you are likely to be served a Sprite. You've been warned... }

It sounds creepy if you have never tried it, but it is actually quite refreshing. Not to mention a great way to get an afternoon buzz without falling asleep in your adironback chair!

If you prefer to have yours ready made, here are a few options available at your local store (if you live in American, that is...):

Be warned though (particularly if you have tried a proper shandy in England...), that according to Chris, these pre-made once don't taste like a "proper shandy." (I think they use actual lemonade, rather than carbonated Sprite) They are, however, still tasty and refreshing!

Give a shandy a try at your next BBQ and let me know what you think!