Sustenance Sunday

Today's SS post is a new one for me as well.  When Chris and I went to the English pub on Friday evening, he ordered Bubble and Squeak.  I'm sorry, but that might just be the cutest (and most obscure) name for a dish I have ever heard of.  :)

Basically, I learned that Bubble and Squeak is traditionally known for combining any leftovers you have for Sunday roast (dinner).  The two consistent ingredients (according to my research) are mashed potatoes and cabbage.  

Chris got the vegetarian version on Friday, but it can often include sausage or other various meats depending on what leftovers there are available.

Though my experience in England is not extensive, I was surprised that I found a dish that I had not yet heard of.  Though I suppose if it is traditionally known as a leftovers dish, restaurants would likely not serve that on their menu.

Also on our taste tester menu for Friday?  Vegetarian pasties and chips and curry (fries and curry sauce for dipping).

Looking forward to a return in the near future to try out their English afternoon tea menu!  Complete with crustless sandwiches, scones and delicious creamy black tea.  A perfect afternoon in my opinion.  

Happy Sunday!