Another Big Decision

When you buy a house, you realize that maybe designing a house to suit your style isn't quite as easy as it may sound.  Or at least that was the case for me.  What if I make a big change and hate it?  I don't have good visualizing skills, so sometimes it's hard to picture what something will look like when it's finished.

So far, I haven't regretted any decisions that we have made.  Though, if I'm honest, we haven't taken on any massive projects just yet.  Well, our inspector told us when we bought the house that within the next year, we would need to paint the outside of the house.  So we will likely do that in the Spring, once we save up enough money to do it!  

Now the big question is, what color do we choose?  I know what I like when I see it, but will those colors translate well to our house?  We also have brick on the front of our house, which comes into play with color, as I don't want anything to clash.

This is my favorite color scheme so far.  Do you think it will look okay with the brick?

{ our house colors, now. }

{ our house colors in my dreams. }

I also love this color for the front door, but don't think it will complement the brick very well.  Maybe a black door instead?

{ on a complete side note, I am loving the flower pots on either side of the front door.  Hm... }

We also have a massive deck out back that the previous owner decided to paint RED.  That needs to be taken care of as well.  The research continues for color schemes that will match the gray and white 'look.'

Also, who knew having the exterior of your house painted was so darn expensive?!  Not I, that's for sure.