Landscaping 101

On Sunday, Chris and I decided to make some progress on our front yard.  We have been waiting to hear back from a concrete contractor and a sprinkler guy, and have had the worst luck with getting anyone to either call us back or give us a quote as promised.  So we decided we have waited long enough, and we will just figure it out ourselves.  

A few months ago we removed a bunch of landscaping rock , and we decided to put in a raised flower bed to hide the hideous concrete base of our front porch.  I'm no landscaping expert, but I have to admit, I think we did a pretty good job!  We were so proud of it.

Up next?  Chris is expanding our sprinkler system and then we will fill in the remaining area from where we removed the rock, with fresh grass.  So excited to see all of the dirt transformed into beautiful grass.  Stay tuned for more updates on the yard in the coming weeks.  We are running out of time, as we can usually expect the first snow fall at the end of October.  Fingers crossed we get it all done in time!  

What do you think of our project?