Front Yard Progress

Well, remember all of the hours we have spent working on our front yard?  We added quite a few more of those hours on Sunday!  But gosh did it feel good to see so much great progress!

What did we do, you ask?  Well, Chris extended our sprinkler lines to cover the new areas of grass, we installed more edging, raked the leaves (I love Fall!), stained our mailbox post, installed a new mail box, mowed the lawn, tilled the dirt where we wanted to plant new grass, added fresh soil, grass seed and fertilizer!  Phew!  I think we were literally working for 8 or 9 hours, it got dark before we finally went inside! But it was so worth it for how much we accomplished!  Now I just hope the grass seed can actually grow in a bit before the temperatures drop too low!  We got a bit of a late start on it, so we don't have high hopes. But we will be fine if it just comes in a little bit to get rid of all of that open dirt bordering our current lawn. Fingers crossed!

Here's a little before and after action...

 { before. }

{ this photo was obviously taken last Winter, we haven't lost all of the leaves just yet! }

{ I wasn't kidding when I said that cat is always around! Chris appreciated the company! }

{ after. }

{ forgive the dirt all over the driveway.  with any luck, out of that dark soil, beautiful grass will grow! }

The front yard is already covered in leaves again, but I will take it!  I love the big, beautiful tree, leave-raking and all!

The project continues... stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Wednesday!