Master Bedroom Dilemma

Ever since we moved into our house, I have been putting the blinders on when it comes to our bedroom. Why?  Because I cannot decide what to do with it!  It's a great size, and has beautiful vaulted ceilings, but I have three different ideas for what I want to do with the main wall behind our bed, and I can't decide which one I like best.  Maybe you can help me narrow it down to two that I can throw out to Chris for his opinion?

Here is our bedroom in its current state.  I need to take a photo with our furniture in it, as this was taken before we even moved in.  But our bed is currently in the middle of these two windows.

I really like a light gray for the wall color.  Or this beautiful blue!  So beautiful.  Though all this photo is doing is making me wish our bedroom furniture was white instead of espresso.  Ha!

My first idea is to put curtains all along the wall behind our bed, wrapping them around on the right side to cover that window as well.  It's a bit more dramatic, but a nice way to make the most of the tall ceilings, etc.

Option number two is to go another dramatic direction and put reclaimed wood planks covering the whole wall behind the bed.  I would finish it off with great curtains on the windows.

And finally, the last option is just putting curtains on the windows, with art or photos above the bed.  This is the more traditional option, and I although I appreciate it, I feel like this is what most bedrooms look like. So I would have to admit that this isn't my first choice.  But it is still a goodie.  So.... as you can see decisions, decisions.  

Which option gets your vote?