First Snow - 2013

Well, it seems mother nature doesn't care that we are only a few weeks into Fall, because we woke up to snow on the ground this morning!  In true Colorado fashion it is already mostly gone, but the fact that the first snow came on October 4th is pretty unbelievable.  I wonder if this is an indication of the type of Winter we are in store for this year, or if it's just a freak of nature.  Literally.  :)

I am loving the crisper air, the turning leaves (my favorite part of Fall), and the coziness our house offers.  I am also currently in desperate need of Fall candles.  You know, the ones that bring the outdoors in, and offer the scents that remind you of Fall traditions.  I love Fall candles, and I cannot wait to plant them around our house, giving it that added degree of coziness that I crave every year around this time.  

It also makes me excited to start creating our own traditions now that we are in our first house.  Harvest parties, maybe a little Friends-giving, and holiday cocktail party anyone?  I hope we can enjoy our house with friends and family, and create some really fun traditions in the process.  I am, after all, a sucker for a good tradition.

Happy Friday!