A Cool Start to Our Philly Adventure... Literally!

Although I still have a lot of photo sorting to do from our Philly adventures, I thought I would at least share the story of our outbound journey, for a nice morning giggle.

Chris and I got up early Saturday morning for our flight to Philadelphia.  Traffic was light, security was a breeze and we got to our gate with plenty of time to spare.  Once we were onboard and settled in, the pilot came over the loud speaker announcing that the air valve that is necessary in starting the plane's engine appeared to not be working.  He assured us a mechanic was on his way and that we would be on our way soon.  He also made sure (several times) to remind the passengers that this was in no way a safety issue, and that the valve is only necessary to get the required air into the engine so that it can start up.

An hour later, the pilot lets us know that the valve has been replaced and we will be on our way. Yippee! About 30 minutes after take-off, I noticed that I was considerably colder than I usually am on flights.  I wore a maxi dress (albeit a tank top maxi dress), because I know that the draft on planes typically gives me a chill. Little did I know, I would need much more than that to stay warm.  The pilot came on the loud speaker (again) and told us that unfortunately the air conditioner is tied to the valve that was replaced, and it was stuck on full blast.  The worst part?  There is nothing he can do about it.  If he shuts it off completely, we lose cabin pressure.  Not an option.

Being as Chris and I had prepared for the melting humidity of Philadelphia, neither of us had packed any heavy clothing in our carry-on, so we proceeded to shiver throughout the remainder of the three and a half hour flight.  Haha.  You know the saying about what to do when given lemons?  Well we definitely drank that lemonade, because we still managed to laugh about it, determined not to let it sour our mood for our fun adventures ahead.  I will give props to the cabin crew, as they literally went up and down the aisle the entire flight bringing hot tea and coffee in an effort to warm us all up!

Even funnier?  We were grateful when we stepped out of the airport and felt the horrid humidity.  Because we were finally thawing out!  Obviously that didn't last long, as I thought I might actually melt while we were out sightseeing. Apparently I don't do humidity.

So much more to come from our Philly trip.  We had a great time, and were truly inspired by the history and magnitude of what happened in that city to start our wonderful country... er my wonderful country, and Chris' adopted one!  

The funny thing is, I realize that the Revolutionary War was against the British as we fought for our freedom. But for some reason, it hadn't occurred to me that this visit would highlight the revolt against the British King as we sought to form our own country, making for a very timely trip to post on my British-American blog. More on that in the coming post...

Happy Tuesday! (feels like Monday to me!)