Summer 2013 Bucket List

Some of you may be surprised to learn that I consider myself quite a lazy person.  I regularly put things off, have a long (mental) list of things I want to do or need to get done, and yet I still find myself being lazy and falling into a rut far too often.

This might seem impossible to you because Chris and I always seem to be off on some adventure or another.

So what's my secret? I schedule, schedule, schedule.  Early in the year, every year, Chris and I sit down and talk about things we want to do that summer, etc. and we book it all up.  That way, when summer rolls around, we actually have things to do!  It also gives us things to look forward to as we anticipate each planned event or activity.

This is a delicate balance, because some summers we have found ourselves with only a handful of free weekends, which can be exhausting.  We learn more about that balancing act every year, hoping one day that we will get the balance just right.  :)

{ enjoying the sunshine with my ladies. }

But what about the things that aren't necessarily "scheduled," that I always say I will get around to doing?  Well, they never get done.  So in an effort to change that, I am doing what practically every other blogger on the world wide web is doing: starting a seasonal bucket list!  I have come up with 24 things so far that I want to do before summer ends, and I feel pretty good about my odds of finishing them all!  Some of them are easy (have a picnic breakfast by our neighborhood lake), some scare me (take an art class!), while others might be extremely difficult (take a violin lesson), but I really look forward to knocking each one off the list.

{ my summer 2013 bucket list }

I am a visual person so I have created a board (okay two boards, because the scrap foam core I found in the garage wasn't big enough for all 24!) so that I can see and eliminate each activity as I do them.  

Do you have a summer bucket list?  Do you have anything on yours that scares you?  

Here's to summer 2013!