It's The Final Countdown...

Yes, that blog title was written with the song in mind.  Those are, however, the only words I know to the entire song.  I know, I'm weird, so sue me.  :)

Anyhow, it is crazy to realize that our American wedding reception is only a fortnight away. { Do you like what I did there?  Threw in a cool British term that no one understands here in America? I'm cool like that. } 

In just two short weeks (14 days = a fortnight) we will be dancing our socks off with our American friends and family, and I cannot wait!  Wedding dress #2, dance floor #2, delicious buffet #2, treasured friends and family... what more could a married gal ask for?  

In honor of our upcoming bash, here is a little photo collage of our English bash back in April.  

♡ Mr. & Mrs. Stapley