Sustenance Sunday

Today, my SS post is dedicated to two of my favorite (unhealthy!) treats when I am in England: the Aero chocolate bar and the Curly Wurly chocolate delight that I also refer to as: heaven.

The Areo bar (I like the regular and the mint chocolate), are the lightest, fluffiest chocolate that you will ever taste.  The melt-in-your-mouth texture is unlike any other.

The Curly Wurly bar is quite different. A delicate caramel "braid", covered in light milk chocolate, it melts in your mouth in a completely different way than than Aero bar, but is delicious all the same.

If you ever encounter either of these while waiting in line at the petrol (gas) station, I highly recommend snagging one (or three!) for an afternoon treat.  You will not be disappointed!

Don't worry, there will be plenty of our American wedding to come... stay tuned!