Language Barrier Monday

A few years ago, when Chris and I were still living in San Francisco, we frequented an Italian restaurant called Bacco.  It was a really nice restaurant, with dim lighting and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, only without the sky-high prices or attitude that typically accompanies those types of restaurants.

The service was no exception.  The servers were always friendly and helpful.

One evening, we ventured in after a long day of work and were greeted by a server that we did not recognize.  She welcomed us and we chatted for a few minutes about the weather before she asked us both where we were from.

Chris looked at me, so I politely replied that I hailed from Washington state originally, and continued to fill her in on our new arrival to San Francisco.  

She then turned to Chris, "And how about you, where are you from originally?" (Everyone is always curious about the accent. But don't worry, I'm not bitter or anything...)

Chris, feeling in a fun mood, responded, "have a guess."  Smiling up at her expectantly.  

{ Side note: This is a fun game for Chris and I because 9 times out of 10, people will guess that he is from Australia.  In fact, most of them say "which part of Australia are you from?" To which he cheekily responds, "London!" }

His question to the server, was clearly not understood. As she responded, "Oh that's great..." with a confused smile pasted on her face, and walked away from our table.

Haha. Our shocked laughs could not be contained.  She obviously thought his response, 'have a guess,' was him saying the name of where he hailed from and she had not heard of it!  

Are we cruel to get pleasure out of these awkward conversations? Because we totally do.

Until next time... Happy Monday!