Reason 3,763,089 That I Love My Husband

I must admit, yesterday was a bit of a long day, and despite my best efforts to turn the beat around, I had a few more unfortunate setbacks (and tears).  But the best lesson that could have come out of yesterday's post came from my husband.

Not only had I booked a return flight for September (instead of July!), but it also cost us $200 to make the change in his ticket that would allow him to fly home last night.  $200, I might add, that we don't exactly have at the moment.  It also meant that he would have to kill 10 hours of his day which would now include a long layover at Washington Dulles airport.  So I sent him a few dramatic apology text messages apologizing and inquiring about what his options were.

Imagine my surprise when my 'make-lemonade-out-of-lemons' husband had already figured out his tour of DC by the time I had finished my morning coffee, and he seemed genuinely glad to check both Virginia and DC off his "states (and districts!) I have visited"  list. 

Wow, lesson learned.  Here is a guy who knows how to dance in the rain.  The funny thing?  If I were to tell Chris this, I already know what his answer would be.  

"It isn't easy... I have to work at it, too."  (in his best Mr. Rogers, lesson-of-the-day voice, of course.)

How do I know that this would be his response, you ask?  Because anytime I give him a compliment on how good he is at things, or how well he handles situations, his humility gets in the way of him being able to just accept the compliment.  

And while I may tease him about this, it is also one of the reasons (reason 3,763,089 to be exact) that I married him.  

The unexpected reward Chris received for his positive attitude?  He got to tour around this bad boy for the afternoon.

{ that's right, the space shuttle Discovery. }

I am chalking this all up to another one of life's lessons.  Here's hoping I, too, can learn to dance in the rain, no matter how gray the clouds might get...

{ stay tuned for a Philly post... }