In honor of the imminent arrival of the royal baby and the royal family's love for fashion, let's turn our attention to a coveted (by me) British tradition for ladies: Fascinators.

I don't know what it is about fascinators that I love so much, all I know is that I do.  Love them.  There aren't many occasions that it is socially acceptable to wear them, particularly in the states, but I have managed to find a few suitable events.  My English Tea Party Bridal Shower being one of them. (I wore the same one for my bachelorette party, er... hen do!)

I also decided to make my own fascinator for Thanksgiving a few years ago. Silly, I know, but I told you... I will find any excuse to wear one!

{ homemade fascinator is not nearly as cool as the one above, but I still loved wearing it! }

In honor of our British counterparts, and a tradition that they do so well, here are some of my personal favorites from across the world wide web.  :)  Which one is your favorite?  Have you ever worn a fascinator?  I think we should make them a trend here in the states (and I mean for more than the Kentucky Derby...).  Who's with me?