The City of Brotherly Love

As you may have read, we spent a long weekend in the Birthplace of America: Philadelphia.  We had a great time, and I am going to try not to overwhelm you all with photos, which might be difficult because I took so many!

First of all, the fact that Philadelphia was founded in 1682 is difficult to wrap my mind around.  Admittedly, I am not much of a history buff, but I do have to admit that my sister (aka the history genius in our family) would be proud of my excitement at being in the city that started our great country.  I left there feeling incredibly inspired and grateful for the freedoms we enjoy, yet often take for granted in America.

First of all, after our chilly journey out from Denver, we checked into our super nice (and super affordable, even better!) hotel which was just blocks away from the most historical square mile in America.  Although I would like to take credit for scoring such a great location, it really was pure dumb luck as Chris and I didn't put much effort into our research prior to booking the hotel. All we knew is that it was across the street from Chris' conference taking place later that week.  Even better? The completely touristy double decker bus (ripped off from the classic London bus, which can be found in pretty much any metropolitan city in the states) stopped right in front of our hotel as one of it's regular stops! We love those tours!

Since we got in Saturday evening, we decided to take a stroll up to "restaurant row" for dinner and to check out the local neighborhood.  We found a good Indian restaurant (we can't resist a good curry!) and settled into the heavenly bliss we came to appreciate on this trip: air conditioning!  I even curled my hair right before we left for dinner, and it ended up a frizzy mess within ten minutes of being out in the humidity.

{ before }

{ after }

I'm going to be honest, we hightailed it back to our hotel after dinner, barely stopping to thank the doormen in an effort to escape the humidity. 

{ warning: I will likely complain about the humidity about 27 more times before I finish posting about our trip. I do. not. like. humidity. end of story. }

We decided to head in to the hotel bar for a drink (and dessert, who am I kiddingl?) before crashing early and getting ready for our adventures the next day.

Our Sunday Philadelphia adventures coming soon... stay tuned!